Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BSC #6: Kristy's Big Day

(My apologies for the misaligned pictures! This is frustrating me to no end!)

Notice something?
That updated-Andrew is suddenly lost the Michigan shirt-and-tie combo?
Or that updated-Kristy's dress is way uglier?
Or how about that Karen completely changed?
She went from a sweet little flower girl to an obnoxious, bespectacled brat.
I'll admit, I was confused by how innocent she looked on the old cover.
I think the updated cover portrays her personality much better.

Elizabeth Thomas and Watson "The Real-Life Millionaire" Brewer are tying the knot! They set a date for September, but Elizabeth has a business trip to Europe that can't be canceled! (She's a marrying a Real-Life Millionaire. Can't she cancel?) As Elizabeth is looking for another date, her house gets an offer. That means that she's going to have to marry Watson soon! Cause co-habitation is dirty! and evil! Elizabeth and Watson plan and execute their wedding in two or three weeks. It's all crazy and hectic leading up to it--Nannie makes the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, the Watson-Brewers need to make side dishes for dinner, and Watson's house has to be made ready to host the wedding and reception. Aunts, uncles, and college friends come to help out and bring their 8.3 million kids with them.

Subplot 1:
Remember all those kids from two lines ago? Okay, well there's not 8.2 million. More like fourteen or fifteen. And they need to be baby-sat while the adults are prepping for the wedding. And Kristy the soon-to-be-step-daughter is a greedy little ho so she capitalizes on this opportunity. Basically, Kristy makes a daycare in her backyard. It's the first week of summer vacation, so the entire BSC is available to help out. Everybody has two or three kiddos to tend to and Watson is paying over $100 a week.
I'm sure you can imagine what happens with the daycare. Kristy has a Plan. There are name tags for each age group and group mascots, games, crafts, plays, and wholesome BSC fun. The kids fight and cry and mix-up their rehearsal dinner clothes and throw conniption fits at the barbershop and rumors of an alien attack. Kristy & Company regain control of each situation. In the end, all the kids are alive and well, the girls are  each a $100 richer, and Kristy assures herself that she's awesome.

Subplot 2:
This one is pretty lame. Elizabeth and Watson have their six kids act as the entire wedding party--Kristy and Sam are bridesmaid and best man, Karen and Andrew are flower girl and boy, David Michael is ring bearer, and Charlie walks Elizabeth down the aisle. Kristy and Karen get to choose what their dresses look like down to the color. Cause they're the ones getting married. That's about it...
  • Fun Fact: This is Ann M. Martin's favorite BSC book.
    • Why? This book hurt me to read. It was pretty boring. There were no BSC cat fights. Claudia didn't run away to live in the back of some guy's VW bus and sell tie-dyed t-shirts on the beach. Stacey didn't have to go get tested for STDs. Dawn didn't get arrested for firebombing the slaughterhouse. Nothing good happened.
  • I desperately want to know what kind of friends Watson has that take a week off of work to help him get ready for his wedding--to a woman they've never met. Are these people really Watson's BFFs if the Thomas' have never even heard about them?
    • Watson is a man with money. If that one Jennifer Aniston movie with the romance and comedic misunderstanding taught us anything, it's that you can pay people to pretend to be your friends. I think that's the case here.
  • Kristy and Karen get to choose thee colors of their dresses for the wedding. They agree on yellow and fight over what color to have the sashes.
    • Karen doesn't want the sash to be white. Now, normally I'd say white was the right choice here. A yellow-white combination on Brunette and Tan Kristy would be fine. As a fellow blond with the skin tone of Casper though, I'm with Karen on this one. Brunette and Tan Kristy will look great. Pigment Deprived Karen will look sickly. Trust me.
  • Elizabeth and Watson wait until after they're married to move in together. While I find this to only be something that happens in BSC-land, I think it's nice that Elizabeth and Watson are setting the example they want their children to live by. Did these fictional characters think that maintaining separate houses until they were married would keep Kristy & Co. from co-habitating someday? We'll never know.
    • Minor point: I don't think anyone needs to worry about Kristy moving in with a dude before she's married...Sam and Charlie? They've got live-in girlfriend written all over them. And something about Karen tells me that she'll be a crazy cat lady or another Morbidda Destiny.
  • Elizabeth and Watson go to an "inn in Vermont" for their honeymoon. Isn't that the standard, cliche romantic get-away for couples from New England? If I marry a millionaire, he damn well better take me on a honeymoon that involves getting my passport stamped. And that does not mean Canada!
  • A quick search for this book on Amazon brings up Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The better choice by far, I think.


  1. That first cover was so much better. Kristy looks so pretty, and Karen actually looks sweet. Though you're right. It's not her personality at all. Once again, I ask, did anyone actually like Karen "Fug" Brewer besides Ann M.? (OK, I did read her Little Sister books religiously as a kid and had a Karen doll but I remember getting irritated at her even back then at times.) Boo Karen! Charlotte und Becca uber alles!

  2. I loved Karen when I was younger because...I WAS a Karen. Don't hate me. There's a part of me that will always be that little girl with glasses, a bad haircut, and an inability to keep my mouth shut.

    I envy you and your Karen doll.

  3. Oh my god, this book drove me crazy. I also don't understand how Watson's friends could take a week off from their lives to plan a last minute wedding. And why in the hell did it take all of those people to do the planning?

    As Ann M. repeatedly reminds us, Watson is a millionaire. Therefore, Watson should have shelled out for a wedding planner to take care of all of this nonsense instead of being a dick to his friends.

    I better stop. I'm getting way too riled up over a children's fiction book.

  4. The more of these I read, the more I feel justified in my own similar feelings about the books. Until I remember that I am 22 and really should be over this by now.

    Either way, I'm not and this was great.