Friday, August 27, 2010

Graphic Novels Going Places They Just Shouldn't

I'm not entirely sure on how I feel about this.

Pride and Prejudice (Graphic Novel)

On one hand, you have people reading and being exposed to a classic book that they might never otherwise pick up.

On the other hand, they're reading a graphic novel and not the book as it was intended to be read. You're transforming a classic book into a graphic novel! A graphic novel! A graphic novel!

Uh, if you want you can pre-order here. Then, please, borrow it to me so I can draw my final conclusion.

But wait...

Pride and Prejudice isn't your cup of tea? You happen to worship Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre by Bronte, Charlotte, Sanders, Joe Sutliff, Bryant, Clive, 9781906332488

You can get that here. Then, you too, could read about Jane and how she's such a sucker for taking her fiancĂ©e back even though he had that pyromaniac wife that tried to kill her and he forgot to mention that they couldn't get married because he did have a secret crazy pyromaniac wife locked in the attic. Not that I have strong, angry feelings about this book or anything.

And is it just me or does the cover look like a movie poster for Gone With the Wind? Only Jane's dude is considerably less attractive than my literary boyfriend Rhett.

Holy Superheroes! by Garrett, Greg, 9780664231910

There's just something about this one that I find hilarious. The trademark free Superman and Wonder Woman? Or that there is a VH1 show about Where-are-they-now-child-stars (which I think is all VH1 is allowed to play) and some ex-child star does a video series as an evangelizing superhero. [If you know who I'm vaguely describing, please tell. It's driving me crazy!]

And don't get me wrong. I don't disapprove of all graphic novels. Some actually sound amazing.

Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss, Johann, Brennan, Kathryn L., 9781555760496
Found here.

Through the Looking Glass by Carroll, Lewis, Baker, Kyle, 9781597071154
I was hoping for something a little trippier, though.
Found here.

Hamlet by Sparknotes Editors, Babra, Neil, 9781411498730
It can't be any more traumatic than reading the original, right?
And it's from the peeps that brought us Spark Notes.
Found here.


  1. Don't forget people who enjoy a novel, and like to see what it looks like in comics form! :]

  2. I DO worship Jane Eyre! But I somehow doubt a graphic novel will capture how not-good-looking Mr. Rochester is supposed to be.

  3. hmmm... you know, i blame disney for this. they bought marvel, therefore they're responsible.

  4. I'm not the biggest fan ever of Pride and Prejudice, but even I know you don't do that to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. (However, Jane Eyre can go screw herself - I still don't like that book.)

    This reminds me of the Illustrated Classics series of books I have, except even more exaggerated. It's weird to read The Time Machine illustrated, because now whenever I think of the book, I think of those illustrations.

  5. Well, I guess this is better than that whole zombie trend. But I just never saw the appeal of zombies.

    I do think the getting people to read thing is a definite positive. Did you know that there's a graphic version of the Constitution? I think that's pretty cool, actually. But these? I just don't know.

  6. Holy Superheroes...more like Holy Moobs.

  7. Graphic novels of classic works of literature... Not sure I saw that one coming. Awkward.

  8. Willie Aames is the child actor you are trying to remember. He played Bible Man as an adult. He played Fred Robinson on the TV show Swiss Family Robinson in the '70s, so I found it weird that it's the comic right under where you say you can't remember his name.

  9. I'm kind of torn. On one hand, I like graphic novels. And I like the idea of the re-imagining of good stories. (One reason I'm a big fan of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.)

    On the other hand, I've always hated abridgments. And these will almost certainly be abridged.

  10. @A. Brenner--There are some novels I'd love to see in graphic novel form. But that style isn't for all books.

    @Sada--Oh, Sada. I will never understand the love people have for Jane Eyre. Secret wife!

    @Ali--That does sound awesome. I imagine a graphic novel being much easier for the kiddos to comprehend and retain. Which makes me feel old and sad for the future of literacy.

    @Tonya--Thank you! I read the Swiss Family Robinson and loved it, but I never saw the show. I would have had to catch in syndication due to my conception being a good fifteen years after the original airing. Aames was in Charles in Charge, which I have seen!

  11. I'm more annoyed about how publishers latch on to whatever is popular for five minutes and bombard us with nothing else for months. i.e. supernatural classics, vampires, and now graphically novelizing every book ever. I get that it's their job to make money, but it's dumb. I do appreciate original graphic novels, even though they aren't really my thing.

  12. I actually own the Pride and Prejudice graphic novel. The adaptation is pretty good and they don't alter any of Austen's words--they've just been edited down. I think that it's a cool thing for a Jane Austen fan to own but, you're right, it would be horrible if someone used it as a substitute for actually reading the book. They also have a Sense and Sensibility comic now. What they're trying to do, I think, is appeal to female readers.