Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello, Cupcake--Take Three

It's been a long time since I whipped out my Ace of Cakes skills and showed off the results of Hello, Cupcake, my and my roommates veryfavoriteever! cookbook.

You can check out our super cute owls here.
And our not-so-successful sunflowers here.
Or you can read the author's blog here.

This time, it was pure pandamonium. (Pun very much intended.)

Sorry for the glare! Damn you overhead lights!
That's the intended result. And has the finished product ever looked like the model? Nope.

For most of the baking process, I was busy making dinner for the roommates, so I can't claim to have a huge hand in these. I did pipe on the pupils and claws. Except that a lot of the pandas appear to have neurological damage and have one pupil significantly larger than the other. Whoops!

Couple of things though:

  • This is a fierce number of cupcakes involved in this process. We had to invest in a mini-cupcake pan for this venture.
    • And, okay, now it doesn't look like that many. At the time, it seemed like it.
  • Too many pandas start to look like a zombie attack!

Fierce pandas are backed up by the Choose Your Own Adventure
Italian bread spices! Rawr!
  • Panda feet are stupid. They just sit there!
  • Cutting Oreos in half for useless panda feet is not quite as easy as it looks. I've proven myself to be a skilled Oreo surgeon, though. Also, half-Oreos are really better than whole Oreos. You get to eat twice as many! Kind of.
  • Those little panda ears are chocolate covered Cheerios. They taste like shit.
  • The noses are mini-marshmallows smooshed onto the face and covered in frosting. I don't know if I'm just a fatty, but I don't remember tasting any marshmallow when I ate it. Whoops!
  • Same story as the first two times: Give us a reasonable ingredient list and a picture. Save the directions 'cause nobody reads them.


  1. cute!!! I want you to come to my apartment and bake with me. I'm decent at the actual. baking, but my decorating skills are ATROCIOUS. Do not let me ever attempt to pipe anything onto a baked good. It will look terrible.

    Now I want a cupcake so bad. Arggg.

  2. I was so psyched when I got that book. It's been a couple of years now and I'm still too scared to even attempt anything in there. Yours turned out pretty cute!

  3. Those are really cute. Now that I think about it, cutting Oreos in half sounds pretty hard, too.

  4. Those look AWESOME. I want some! Although, then I might feel guilty about eating some pandas and what not. Although, now that I think about it, I wonder what panda tastes like... this is dangerous thinking.

  5. @Jen--I'll be right over? Most of the time I lack the patience to be slow and gentle with my frosting application, though. Oops!

    @Betsy--Definitely try! It's a lot easier than it looks.

    @Sadako--I've got skillz. Oreos like to crumble when you cut them in half. But they're no match for me and my butcher knife. Not that I'm over dramatic about my knife choice or anything.

    @Steve--The owls were the worst. They watched us eat them. Not. Fun.

  6. You are my mf-ing hero for attempting to make any of the cupcakes from that book! I gave it to a friend for her birthday and I so wish I had kept it for myself! You pandas look pretty fantastic!