Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best. Library. Sale. Ever.

Today was freaking. fucking. epic.

Not even hitting an SUV (sorry, random girl!) can bring me down. Or that I had to sit through a conversation on favorite sex toys while I volunteered. (Don't ask. Just don't.) Or that I had a mouse pee on me about eight times. (Again, just don't ask.) Basically, my day off rocked.

In between the sex toy conversation and the incontinent mouse, I hit up the library sale. The volunteers laughed at me because I seriously spazzed out. So. Many. Books. And I just kept grabbing more and more and had to make two trips to my car.

I just got back from the neuro lab and decided to arrange my new books on my shelf and possibly fill my bathtub with them so I can bathe in books and maybe take some pictures to brag about how freaking awesome I am at library sales. (I adopt a day after Thanksgiving approach to book sales. For serious.)

And have a book photo shoot. 'Cause, dudes, I cleaned up at that library sale.

I got a book that I almost ordered off Amazon this week!

I got books featuring Anastasia!

I got books written about Ramona and some other girls I've never heard about.

I got books that have been made into movies!
I got books by really famous authors!
I got books by Ann Martin!
(Two of which, I realized that I already have.
So if you're dying for BSC#54 or BSC Mystery #22, hit me up.
Otherwise, I'm earning myself some used book store credit.)

I got books that I already read but loved way too much!
I got books that I don't really have a clear category for!
I got books I've never heard of but was intrigued by!

And I know you're wondering what all this rambling is about and why I just made you look at pictures of books. I have a freaking AWESOME point, so just stick with me here.

When the BSC was big, my older sister wrote a fan letter to Ann Martin. And she got a personal response. I've always been incredibly jealous of that letter for, uh, at least fifteen years now. (I was started on Little Sister books at a very young age...) I wrote a letter to Beverly Cleary once, but I only got a form response saying that Beverly and Ramona were very busy answering letters and couldn't get to mine. So. Jealous. of my sister.

Also important:
My favorite thing about buying used books is finding random things inside them. I love little notes and random bookmarks that get left behind.

Which is totally why I decided to see if there were any sweet bookmarks or other random odds and ends.

And I picked up Bridge to Teribathia first.

Ho-hum, right?

But, then you open the cover...and it's you're all 'Wha'?'

Yep. For fifty cents, I scored myself an autographed copy. Which basically gave me a heart attack because I never score awesome stuff. And here I just did! And it's my favorite kind of awesome stuff--something left behind for someone else. (I sound like a thief. Not the case.) And right off the bat, it totally pwns my sister's letter from Annie M.

Logical girl that I am, I thought, 'Damn! Maybe another book has something sweet in it.' So I checked some more. Nothing could be more awesome than Katherine Paterson signing a copy of a book in 1987, could it? Could it?

I also scored a copy of Here's to You, Rachel Robinson. Because I buy used, a lot of the books I have are from classrooms. My books are all marked up with random last names.

This book belonged to a Banninga. Which totally makes me giggle. And I assumed to be the most awesome thing about this book.

Until I opened it.

Holy hell. It couldn't possibly be, right?

It so totally is.

Best. Day. Ever.


  1. ah, this is amazing! it's been awhile since i've been to such an amazing book sale, and i've never scored any signed books like that. lucky!

  2. SO awesome! I am so jealous that you got so many awesome books (ANASTASIA!!!) and two autographed copies!

  3. Now we are all so totally jealous of you. Congrats on that! I can't believe the library peeps didn't notice the autographs!

    I wrote a letter to Ann M. Martin when I was a kid, too (ginormous BSC fan), but I'm not so sure that the letter I got back from her was a personal one. It was cool, though.

  4. Amazing! Well done! Um, and if you spy any extra copies of Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst, let me know.

    p.s. The Things They Carried is one of my all-time favorites.

  5. That is awesome! I recently got 3 Anastasia books too but I like your covers better! Maybe I need to start hitting up the library book sales.

  6. This just may be the most awesomest post ever. Autograph copies galore, Ramona Forever, and an incontinent mouse... good good stuff!

  7. Holy Fudge! This is completely awesome! I officially hate you. I remember having and reading most of those books. I was just remarking to someone of how enthralled From the Mixed Up Files of Ms. Basil E. Frankenweiler was a favorite.

  8. The last two years at National Book Fest, I got both Katherine Paterson's and Judy Blume's signatures. The Paterson one is definitely real, I couldn't believe how neat her signature is. The Judy Blume one looks similar but not exactly like the signature I got. But several years had passed, and honestly, Judy had been signing for nearly two hours before I got in line to see her.

    What an excellent haul! The Luckiest Girl and Sister of the Bride are just crazy wacky. Without meaning to be - they completely lack the charm of the Ramona books (Sorry, Bev) and they don't have the timeless feel of Ramona. Vonnegut (not his best, but a good read nonetheless), Gatsby, Maniac Magee, Nick Hornby. I'm officially jealous of the reading you'll be doing in the upcoming weeks/months!

  9. I went to the Alpena Library to get "A Wrinkle In Time" this summer and the librarian had never heard of it.

    Not okay.

  10. @Sada--I'll keep my eye out! I didn't see any other Anastacia books at the sale, though.

    @Nikki--I was wondering about the Judy signature. Because for someone as awesome as her, I thought she'd have more epic handwriting. I'm going to tell myself it's real because it was the same or pretty dang close to the ones I found online. And I know that how I write my name changes way more drastically in the course of a single day. Keepin' the dream alive.

    @Liz--That is not okay! It's reasons like this that I don't feel bad about cheating on that library with the one here or in Grand Lake.

  11. That is AMAZING!! Lucky you. I totally want BSC Mystery #22!

    What delightful surprises. I am super jealous of the Anastasias.

  12. Wow, nice finds! I only have two autographed books. One is Around The World in Spandex by professional wrestler Chris Jericho. I went to a signing to have him do it, and talked to him for a minute, which was an awesome time. The other is the collection of Super Mario Brothers comics that I believe you commented about on my blog; I don't know if it was already on there, or if someone got it signed for me.

    Also, confession: I've totally read Bridget Jones' Diary, and its sequel. I'm a slut for just about any book, excluding harlequin romance. I found it interesting, but a bit repetitive and ultimately, I couldn't relate that much to it.

  13. holy shit! you totally cleaned that place out. congratulations on your awesome finds (i'm totally jealous) :)

  14. @Kristin--Sure thing! But...I'll need you to e-mail me!

    @Steve--You mean you don't love daily logs of weight gain and cigarettes smoked or complaints about not being in a relationship? I'm shocked. And now I'm wondering why I bought the book...

  15. That is an awesome haul of books! So jealous of the Judy Blume signature! (Weirdly, I just checked out that same book from my library the other day because I've never read it.)

    The Dead Poets Society book is dreadful. You might actually feel the brain cells dripping out as you read. But the good news is, it'll only take you like an hour and a half to read. LMAO.

  16. @Shannon--Noooo! I refuse to believe that DPS is bad. Now I'm scared...

  17. This is amazing. It's because of this I will never stop wanting to go to library book sales. Congratulations!

  18. Holy crap, you hit the book-nerd jackpot! I'm so excited you found a copy of Bummer Summer. That was one of my favorite books growing up. That and Sister of the Quints. If you ever stumble across a copy of that one, get it!

  19. I found this entry randomly Googling for library sale posts, because I love to see what other people have found, but I have to say that even without the signed copies (which: amazing), you have the best taste in books I've ever seen from someone I don't know. I would have snatched up almost all the same finds...and meanwhile, I love your "and possibly fill my bathtub with them so I can bathe in books" description.

    /random passer-by babbling.

  20. "My favorite thing about buying used books is finding random things inside them. I love little notes and random bookmarks that get left behind."

    I love that too! Except when it's something disgusting like a weird stain or food! I have a children's boarding school book I found that had "To Nellie. Xmas 1924" written in it.

    You got a great collection at the library sale... I really want to go to one now.

  21. Allison,
    I have been reading your blog for the last 2 hours. It is November 28, 2011. I just found it tonight with a random press of the "next blog" button. I feel almost as lucky as you did about your book finds! You are a lovely blogger! I have enjoyed every entry so far! I love your books finds and wanted to add that my oldest daughter wrote to Sharon Creech and Sharon wrote back! This was about 10 years ago and it is one of her fondest memories! So happy to have found you and to be able to read your creatively, clever and witty blog!