Friday, October 22, 2010

Carolyn Keene Ghost Writers Should Be Ashamed!

Nancy Drew was my first literary girl crush. (Sorry, Stacey!)

So when I found a Nancy Drew graphic novel at Goodwill, I was a little excited. But cautious. Because, really, Nancy books started sucking it up as soon as ghostwriters took over!

(Actually, I have a post lined up about a book by a dude that turned down the opportunity to be a Nancy Drew ghost writer. More on that later.)

This. book. sucked.

The "mystery" is solved when Nancy realizes that her enormous zit is the key. That people aren't always what they seem. Like Nancy isn't a normal, acne-plagued teen. Or that the villain isn't really the wife he's been posing as.

Do you see what is wrong with this here graphic novel? I kindly underlined it with my fine point Sharpie.

Desert. George (who appears to be confirming my childhood suspicion that ze was facing some gender confusion) and Bess ate two deserts. Like the Gobi and Mojave.

I can excuse typos in public. Not everyone is proficient in the English language. Not everyone is proofreading every little thing.

But this is a BOOK. Where someone is PAID to check to the spelling and grammar.

This ads for other graphic novels was the best part of this book.

I'm not even Catholic, and I'm intrigued. Possible Christmas present for Boyfriend?


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  2. Haha theres a comic book about the POPE?! Also slightly intrigued actually! :)

  3. I'm a professional proofreader, and I find typos in pretty much every book I read for pleasure. I know it's hard to catch them all, but they still drive me friggin' insane.

    p.s. The Pope comic sounds like a page-turner.

  4. I always remember dessert has two S's by thinking of strawberry shortcake.I'm a nerd who needs that mnemonic.

  5. I'm totally for you giving the BF a gag gift like that! Do it. Hey, do it!

  6. There is actually a whole series of biographical graphic novels about famous people. The JK Rowling one is my personal fave.

    I'm more concerned here about Nancy's offer to pop her friend's zit.



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  8. Grammatical and spelling errors in publications are not acceptable! And did Nancy Drew's zit really help her solve the mystery? What?

  9. Ugh, that sucks. I would have been so excited at a Nancy Drew graphic novel - but I admit, there's nothing quite so exciting as a pope graphic novel. Now that'll be a merry christmas.