Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Swear I'm Not Stalking Her.

Does anyone have Ann Martin's personal e-mail address so I can send this to her?
via I Heart Guts
Please tell me it's not creepy that Annie M. losing her spleen when she fell out of a tree (while wearing her brand new gauchos!) was the first thing I thought of when I saw this e-card. Please.

Edit that I can hopefully remove later: There appears to be an advertisement for Sarah Palin. on. my. blog. This has to be some kind of joke, right? Apparently, AdSense has a sense of humor. Sick, sick humor.


  1. I had the SarahPac ad too. Fucking creepy is what it is.
    And like you, I always think of Ann M when hearing about spleens.

  2. Yeah, Ann M is the first thing that comes to mind with bodily injury comes up in conversation. the card.

  3. Ann M. lost her spleen? Interesting. Was she really wearing gauchos?!

  4. Aside from simply being annoying in its Palin-ness, I don't understand the ad. Is she actually running for something right now? If not, why should we be impressed by her?

    Side note: My husband and I saw an ad on tv last night for her Alaska reality show, and it appears to basically be a show about how she never shuts her m*#&*(#%^@#&^ mouth, ever. EVER. I'm pretty sure the Alaskan wilderness was actually leaning sideways the way we lean away from a loud talker, wishing it could somehow escape.

  5. Sarah Palin...eww. I didn't know about the spleen!

  6. Sarah Palin ad is pretty random.
    Love the spleen card.

  7. I ALWAYS think about Ann M. Martin when I think about spleens. I remember being so confused by the way it was written (p. 60 in the Scholastic Biography), that they knew it was the spleen because her left shoulder started to hurt. What does the left shoulder have to do with the spleen?