Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Movies!

With finals coming up (next week! eep!), I have my eye on summer and $2 movie night at the theater as book-ish things are happening.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

This was one of the books I reviewed waaaaayyy back when the blog was shiny and new and regularly updated. I absolutely love books set in 19th century China (random, right?), so I am so essite about this. Just think about the colors and the wardrobe and the relationship between Snow Flower and Lily. Swoon!

Mr. Popper's Penguins

This is one that a lot of people my age missed out on, but because I skew toaward children's books written before my time, I lurve it. You cannot go to the penguin exhibit at the zoo with me wothout me saying, "PENGUINS! LOVE ME AND I WILL BE YOUR MR. POPPER!" The penguins do not run away with me.

Jim Carrey as Mr. Popper? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sometimes he annoys me. He really, really annoys me. I do not want him ruining Mr. Popper for me. Tread carefully, Mr. Carrey.

The Help

Confession: I still haven't read The Help. (It's on my summer reading list, okay?)
The preview looks awesome. As one YouTube commenter said, "I love movies where racists get their asses kicked." Plus, I have a mega-girl crush on Emma Stone.

Something Borrowed

(Sorry about the sketchy link. The video wasn't so sure it wanted to be embedded.)

Meh.. Oh, look. Another chick flick that I'm not too excited about.

Breaking Dawn.

Apparently, a trailer isn't out yet. Oh, bother.

Anyway, fuck this shit. I am glad that the Twilight franchise is almost done. Then, we can get back to the things that matter in life. Like Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II

I AM EXCITED AND SAD. This is my Star Wars, people! My 12th birthday party involved going to see Sorcerer's Stone. For my 21st birthday, I did the same thing as when I was 12. Except we saw Deathly Hallows Part I. (Most awesome 21st birthday party ever Seriously.) Harry Potter is my childhood. I'm not ready to let it go. (I am also not ready to give up my go-to birthday plan. High five to my mom for giving birth to me in what became the go-to weekend for Harry Potter movie releases.)

I will probably be an emotional mess for the premiere. My campus had a free showing of DH I a few weeks ago. I was crying before the movie started. A few weeks ago, my friends and I were talking about the James-Lily-Snape love triangle. I cried. And not a little cry. This was a weep about how I'm team Snape and he gave his life to protect Harry even though Lily didn't love him and James was kinda an asshole to him. So much sacrifice and love! *dabs eyes*

And to be creepy, I am excited to teach my hypothetical spawn about Harry Potter way far in the hover-crafting future. It helps that if things go as planned, I will be procreating with Rupert Grint. 'Cause UNF.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Daria is my doppelgänger

Actually, I dressed up as Quinn Morgendorffer for Halloween 2010. And it was definitely a couple's costume with my old roommate. She was my Daria. We were awesome. Unfortunately, we're from an age group that missed out on Daria, so we spent all night explaining who we were. And there's just a little personal story for y'all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

You should date an illiterate girl.

by Charles Warnke

The girl who reads has spun out the account of her life and it is bursting with meaning. She insists that her narratives are rich, her supporting cast colorful, and her typeface bold. You, the girl who reads, make me want to be everything that I am not. But I am weak and I will fail you, because you have dreamed, properly, of someone who is better than I am. You will not accept the life that I told of at the beginning of this piece. You will accept nothing less than passion, and perfection, and a life worthy of being storied. 

Just go read it in its entirety already. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mary GrandPre, You Genius.

Word is that the covers are meant as a contrast.
Curtains. Outstretched hand. Archways.
Twilight vs. Dawn.*
My mind: Blown.

*I'm going to be mature and look past the whole Stephenie Meyer situation.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Keep Calm Harry Potter.

 I would love to have these as prints. Harry Potter will always be relevant to my life.

 You can find Keep Calm Harry Potter here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Go, go fangirl!

Dear blog readers,

I suck at posting. I really do.

I have about eight posts that are half done and I just can't bring myself to finish them. It feels more like a chore than like something fun.

I have four more weeks of school until summer. Eep! While I'm hoping to get around to finishing posts and back to commenting and what-not, I don't want to make any lofty promises.

But I do promise this:

I'm about to unleash my literary fangirl-ness in a shit storm of micro-posts. Like y'all don't even know. Yeah, yeah. Sporadically updated blog is me fangirling. This ain't nothin'. Nothin.'

So be prepared.