Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Movies: Deathly Hallows and Sarah's Key! A Strange Combination But I Don't Control When Trailers Are Released.

That is exactly what I looked like after watching the next two trailers.

Harry Potter is my childhood. For my 12th birthday party, my friends and I went and saw Sorcerer's Stone. For my 21st birthday, rather than bar crawling and taking advantage of my rights as a 21-year-old, my friends and I saw Deathly Hallows Part 1. The premier of Part 2 is really going to mark the end of my adolescence. (Psh. I will never be a grown-up.)

It feels surreal that this is the LAST Harry Potter trailer. EVER. The last movie. I wasn't this, uh, emotional when the last book came out. Why should I worry? There were still more movies to come. Now what? Now what will I fan girl over? (As if I would ever stop being a Harry Potter fan girl.) What will I have left to live for? *sobs*

I audibly gasped when I saw the trailer. I didn't know the movie was coming out so soon AND HERE IT IS! I don't even have words for how excited I am. Not as excited as I am for Harry Potter (Come on. It's HARRY FUCKING POTTER.), but I'm still super pumped to cry my beady little eyes out.

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