Saturday, January 26, 2013

Safe Haven

The other day, the boyfriend, his roommate, and I went to go see Mama. (Which movie we saw is irrelevant unless you're asking, 'At what movie did Alison get so scared she bit her boyfriend?')

We saw this movie poster:
Me: Oh look. Two white people kissing. MUST BE A NICHOLAS SPARKS MOVIE.
Boyfriend: Why do you say--'From the author of THE NOTEBOOK and DEAR JOHN.' How did you know that?
Me: Do you even know me at all? He has one poster designer. One of those people CLEARLY has some sort of terminal disease, too. That's the real give away.

I've just watched the trailer for this movie. (You're welcome.)
1. I'm disappointed in Cobie Smulders. She betrayed me.
2. There doesn't seem to be anyone with a terminal illness BUT there is a dead wife. That's just as good in Nick's book.

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