A Letter to Nicholas Sparks--I don't like him. Deal with it.

Aww. Warm and Fuzzies for Everyone!--A blog award from way back when.

Best. Library. Sale. Ever.--It's just as awesome as it sounds.

Better Book Titles--Book titles are re-imagined to reflect what the book is really about!

Carolyn Keene Ghost Writers Should Be Ashamed--Ghost writers dishonor Nancy Drew with their silly typo.

Don't Piss Me Off--I reserve the right to ridicule commenters and trolls.

Eek!--Apparently, book writin' people read my blog.

Graphic Novels Going Places They Just Shouldn't--I think that about summed it up.

Happy Banned Books Week!--Fightin' censorship like a champ.

I Feel Ya, David Michael--The BSC really does have life lessons.

Literary Tattoos--I'm still impressed. And planning on getting my own. Someday.

Probably the Best Media Coverage I've Seen--Legit interviews with Twihards.

Roald Dahl Was a Playa--For the record, he was smooth with the ladies and not a Spanish beach.

This Girl Just Got Herself a Shiny New Library Card. Shazam!--That's about it.

To-Read--A lovely John Green quote

True Dat.--John Green reviews Twilight

Tsk, Tsk--Nicholas Sparks in my face. Blergh.

What Would Dumbledore Do?--Protest for Wizard-Muggle equality, that's what.

Welcome!--The requisite Hey-I-have-a-blog post.